Bushi no Me

Eyes of a Samurai

Konnichiwa !!

There is a Japanese saying “Shuggyio No Hajime” meaning “the journey’s beginning” and so it is for us. We are individuals like you who have had a long running fascination with the swords, dress, and other accoutrements produced by the Japanese craftsmen and used by the Samurai warrior.  What we offer is the opportunity to purchase traditional items and collectables that would be used by a samurai, or found in his home.  What’s more important is that we will attempt to offer a consolidated educational and research resource for the study and appreciation of the ancient Japanese Samurai Culture and for many of the items that would have been found in Japan during those times.  This site will be a growing living site constantly in update with new information. By the way, I adopted the company name based on a loose translation of the word ‘HAGEKURE’ which of course is the book of the Samurai.  The actual translation is a bit closer to “Hidden in Leaves”.

The Nihonto Community Calendar  – This is a calendar of Japanese sword club meetings and events around the world and maybe set as your home page. It includes a search engine, world clocks, currency converter, daily world news from top syndicated providers such as CNN and BBC.  It is totally free and maybe viewed HERE.