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Greetings and welcome to all martial arts practitioners, sword fanatics and sentient beings. We have some good news and some somewhat sad news to report regarding the Shadow Of Leaves website. Michael Crampton, who was the genius and resident expert behind the Shadow Of Leaves website has retired. From the conversations we had it sounds like Michael wanted to spend more time with his family and friends, going hunting, camping and fishing, and living out the rest of his lifetime in the tradition of the warrior that he has always practiced and exemplified. I’ve recently learned a lot about Mike’s character and contributions to the martial arts community and know that there is nothing but great admiration and respect for his work. He is truly a remarkable fellow and I know he will be greatly missed.

Carrying On The Tradition Of Shadow Of Leaves:

Mike has been gracious enough to let us carry on with Shadow Of Leaves and has sent me the contents of his website so we could reproduce and historically preserve a part of Mr. Cramptons life’s work, passion and wisdom forever. Once this task is complete our mission is to continue in Michaels footsteps by adding the same exceptional articles, quality resources and unique content that made this site so great to begin with. Let me say friends, these are big shoes to fill. I am inspired by this mans spirit, knowledge and commitment to the martial arts community and the respect he has earned throughout the world is humbling to say the least. Thanks again Mike for everything.

Note: I’m trying to persuade Mr. Crampton to be a special guest writer for the site from time to time so please leave a comment and show your support! Kevin

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7 Responses to “Michael Crampton – Shadow Of Leaves”

  1. Michael Crampton April 21, 2010 at 10:23 pm


    I want to wish Kevin not only the best in the future but the hope that he will continue on in the tradition of support to the community of martial arts practioners in the future. Although I have no vested intrest or ties with this endever I hope that the spirit and good will will continue.

    Best Regards,

    Michael S. Crampton
    Previous Owner

  2. Hello.

    I hope a new shop with good maintenance products will come soon. We wish you much luck for the restart of “Shadow of Leaves”

    best regards

  3. Lyndon J. Ireland May 4, 2010 at 11:16 am

    I was deeply saddened to read of Mike’s retirement as were my friends here in the U.K. but if Kevin can keep up the standards set by Mike at SOL, he will be carrying on the tradition of a true gentleman who it was a privilege to have dealt with.
    Best wishes to both of you.


  4. @Michael, @Holger, @Lyndon, Thanks everyone for the kind words and support.

    I understand that SOL was a trusted source for quality sword maintenance products and information and will absolutely do our best to continue in that tradition.

    With that said, if you have any specific products or manufacturers/distributors that you would like to see back up on the site please let me know what they are at my personal email: ttd312(at)gmail(dot)com

    You will be helping us a lot in shaping the new Shadow Of Leaves website and hope to be offering some key products and supplies that you want within the next few weeks. Thanks again for your feedback and support!

    Best Regards, Kevin

  5. Happy Retirement Mike!!

    I have always recieved nothing but the best service from Mike. I never got the chance to by a sword from him though, and now that I got the dough, its too late!!!

    I really would like to see Citadel being offered on this site at some point if possible, from what I understand Mike was the only distributor here in the US.

    Good luck Kevin, you’ve got some big shoes to fill!


  6. Tom Takahashi June 13, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    I wish Mike all well in the future. It has allways been a pleasure to purchase suplies from him.
    Welcome to Kevin. I’m sure the new site will be as profesional as before.

    best regards
    Tom Takahashi

  7. Hello.
    I am new to this site and I am utterly impressed, especially by Bladesmith-The Way. After 25+ years training in the martial arts, I have not read or heard such a profound explanation so relevant to contemporary life.
    I have now encountered Mr. Crampton through his works, and I am honoured.

    It would be nice if you had an “about us” and “contact” page on this site as well.