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As a courtesy to you our friends and customers we have provided links to other providers of fine quality weapons and equipment.


SFI (Sword Forum International) probably the most recognized of them all.  A great place to learn and educate.

Bladesign Forum Created & hosted by Antonio Cejunior.  A fantastic source and brain to pick.

Antique Auction Sites

Ikkyudo Galleries


Tokugawa Art

Nihonto Store

Toraba Nihon no Katchu



Japanese Style Swords

NosyuiaidoMr. Rick Polland has built one of the finest sources for Iaido blades (and recently live Shin-ken) available here in the United States.  His business is the sole distributor and agent for Nosyuiaido and is sold from “the Sword Store” about 20 miles down the road from me.

Tozando Tozando is probably one of the finest all around sources for Kenjutsu, Iaido supplies in Japan.  There pricing is competitive with the market but the quality is outstanding.  Still hand made and in traditional fashion.

Chinese Swords

Seven Stars trading company

Huang Chao Dynasty Armory Keeps a very good posting on Fake swords being dumped on the market.


Design Work

ARS CIVES CREATIVITY For design services of all types I HIGHLY recommend the services of this company.

Bladesign Mr. ANTÓNIO CONCEIÇÃO JÚNIOR has a Bio to be envied.  If you want one of the highest quality pieces of design work done to develop a truly magnificent art piece and weapon of unique beauty and quality, then this is who you need to talk with.

Custom Work

JINGU Custom Sword Shop • Eu Shen in Australia offers customs swords and services.

Custom Tsuka Henry Amu creates wonderful custom katana based on almost anything.  He offers a full line of services of excellent quality.

Inahara Blade Crafts Christopher Kenji Gleeson is one of those past customers turned friend.  He is now forging his own way so to speak.  An excellent source for custom habaki.

JohnD Polishing Offering full polishing services and much more.  His tsuka-maki work is of the first class.

Bushido Bob and Rita Benson are very well known in the sword restoration field. Bob is one of the premiere polishers in the traditional methods.

Fred Lohman Fred offers an extensive line of reproduction ‘STEEL’ koshirae.

Custom MakersWould not even attempt to define differences between these fine smiths as they are all first caliber and highly respected.  They all have unique gifts and qualities which they impart into their finished works.

David Goldberg “Gold Mountain Forge” David offers not only custom built katana but he also designs and produces his own custom fittings and is a trained polisher.  He also on occasion produces his own blades.

Patrick Hastings Custom Metal WorksA premier designer and producer of custom fittings

Michael Bell “Dragonfly Forge” A custom smith and builder

Don Fogg Custom Knives A well recognized smith and custom builder

Howard Clark “Morgan Valley Forge” One of the most recognized smiths and custom builders around.

Rick Barrett Custom Knives Yet another well recognized smith and custom builder.

Nomahage SwordAnthony DiCristofano is a highly respected and sought after maker who produces blades the old fashioned way.

EJapaneseswordsChris Bowen offers full restoration services for antique Nihonto.

SayashiOffering the finest in custom hand crafted saya of all types and varieties.

Forge Fontenla – A small forge in Argentina owed and operated by Eduardo Fontenla and his brother

Tameshigiri Supplies

Mugen Dachi Tatami Omote for Tameshigiri

This is probably the best possible source for cutting supplies here in the United States.  You will find them to be very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in filling you cutting needs.  For those with the true “need to cleave” these are the guys and gals to go to. Please tell them that Mike sent you.


We would also highly recommend the following for the purchase of the most traditional wear available.  Within the supplied sites you should be able to find everything you need for the Dojo and for just relaxing in traditional wear.



Bu Jin Design


Japanese Clothing, Japanese Yukata

Nichi Bei Bussan

Vintage Wear






Sometimes I find sites in my own personal searches that I personally feel deserve sharing.


The Golden Moon In the tradition of the great tea houses of Europe and the Orient, Golden Moon is dedicated to the art of fine tea. We are inspired by the timeless customs of tea-drinking cultures around the globe, and are continually exploring rare and unusual varieties. Many Golden Moon teas are unlike any previously found on the market. In sharing these extraordinary teas with our customers, we hope to provide refreshment for body, mind, and spirit.

Rishi TeaDiscovered in China more than 5000 years ago, tea plays a central role in the history and culture of civilizations around the world. While there are now thousands of varieties of tea on the market, the main types of tea are produced from one kind of tea bush, the camellia sine sis.

The main types of teas: green, black, oolong, red and white, differ significantly. These differences are largely a function of processing. Each season, Rishi Tea travels to high mountain tea gardens in Asia where warm, moist growing conditions and skilled tea masters produce teas of exceptional quality. We select the most extraordinary full-leaf, handcrafted teas, which are plucked from the tea bush at their peak.

Rishi Teas are comparable to fine wine. They are enjoyed for their appearance, fragrance, and flavor. Like fine wines, the essence of our teas changes subtly from season to season, reflecting the changes in temperature, moisture and climate that occur in nature.

Holy MountainA wonderful site offering not only a wide and extensive selection of fine teas but also teapots, tetsubin, waterfountains, and a very nice online art gallery of ceramics and much, much more


GreenTea DesignsModern new designs of traditional Japanese Furniture

Japanese TansuClassic antique Japanese Tansu and other Fine Furniture

Oriental HomeFine Imported Oriental furnishings



GoboOne of the best sources for chopsticks


Sake World – John Gaunter‘s Home Page on Professional Sake Courses

Tamanohikari Sake – The Tamanohikari Brewing Co. Home Page


Japanese Gifts Clothing, sushiware, bento boxes, papergoods.



Bodogu Also offers high quality Tessen, and practice equipment.


Cherry Blossum Gardens Gongs and Much More


Wind Chimes


Buddha Statues

Clipper Trading Company

Shasta Abbey Buddhist Supplies

Antique Statuary

Buddha Museum


Nevara International L.L.C.


Cherry Blossom Gifts


A Special Touch handmade incense at a very reasonable price

Incensimania – Genuine Naga Champa Padmini incense one of the oldest makers



(schools, etc.)

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